Around the world.

"New Year" is a worksheet created with the help of my dear students and Instagram followers. Learn about New Year's celebrations in Colombia, Cambodia, Iran, Kurdistan, and Russia while practising your reading and comprehension skills.


"Pen Pals". This worksheet is based on the messages my students from Thailand and Russia sent each other. Learn more about these two countries together with Numcha and Ivan. 

In this worksheet, you can find a list of websites to help you find a pen pal.

"Food Around the world" 

is a worksheet created together with Yukie from Japan, Shaked from Israel, Amir who lives in the USA but is half Ukrainian and half Uzbek, Kira from Russia, and Mahmoud from Iran. Let's learn what the guys and people in their countries eat. 

"Berlin" is a worksheet for people who are interested in visiting this beautiful city or are eager to learn more about the German capital. The lesson includes texts written by four friends of mine. Theresa and Anastasia live in Berlin, Benedikt had lived in and visited the city, and Natasha went there with her family. The guys share their feelings about Berlin and give some practical tips on planning a trip.

"Vegetarianism around the world" is a lesson for people who are curious about meat-free diet. This worksheet was created with the help of Natasha from Russia (lives in Germany), Roza from the Netherlands, Sasza from Ukraine (lives in Poland), Anton from Russia, and Dan from England (lives in Georgia at the moment). In this lesson, you can find a lot of interesting and useful information on being a vegetarian, stories of the guys mentioned above, handy lists and tables, exercises on grammar and vocabulary, reading and listening tasks. 

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a worksheet about 10 different countries around the world + key

a speaking worksheet about 9 different countries


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