Mari's friends

“Bim's story” is a worksheet about a cool family that travel with their pets.  The story is told by one of their dogs.

There are exercises on prepositions and vocabulary in this lesson. 

“English Marathon” is a worksheet based on Kate’s life story. Kate is an American girl living in Prague. She is an English teacher, a traveler, and a runner! Read about how she had become all that! 

There are exercises on prepositions, word formation, and vocabulary in this lesson. 

Famous people

Interesting people
their quotes and stories

"Asal" is a worksheet on prepositions (including some phrasal verbs). This lesson is based on the story of Asal - a 21-year old originally Uzbek girl living in London and doing Erasmus in the Netherlands. Learn about the pros and cons of being an exchange student, and other experiences this aspiring globe-trotter shared with us. 


"Hula-hoop" is a worksheet for pre-intermediate students. Do you know anybody who does hula-hooping?

Learn about the remarkable hobby of a fascinating lady who has traveled the world! Practise sentence-building.   

"Parn" is a worksheet for pre-intermediate/intermediate students. The lesson is based on an interview with a young dentist from Thailand. Let's find out what Parn says about her job, dreams, aspirations, and experience in learning English.

"Swedish Ingemar" is a worksheet for group or pair work of intermediate students. It is based on the story of a great teacher of Swedish for immigrants. Ingemar was one of the people that organized a Peace Camp for Swedish, American and Soviet children during the Cold War. The lesson contains a text to work with in pairs (making questions to the missing info), some history revision, and some authentic documents from the Peace Camp (1983).

Maellyn is a worksheet for a comprehension (reading/video) lesson of intermediate level. It includes a text about a girl Maellyn from South Africa and her exciting life story of becoming a filmmaker.

The video part of the lesson is about the trailer to Maellyn's fascinating documentary about body modifications.  

"Pen Pals" is a worksheet for pre-intermediate students. It is based on the messages my students from Thailand and Russia sent each other. Learn more about these two countries together with Numcha and Ivan. 

In this worksheet, you can find a list of websites to help you find a pen pal.