Greetings from the road.


It's been two and a half weeks since I started my Euro-trip. I spent 12 days in Prague, 4 days in Saint Gallen (Switzerland), now I'm in Thalwil near Zurich, on Wednesday I'm heading to Berlin, then Ozora festival in Hungary, Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg.. I'm not crazily rich that I can afford such a long and intensive holiday...No, I'm backpacking and visiting friends.

Each place I go to - I feel at home.. In some places I had lived before, some I'd never been to. Everywhere there are people who are my home. I haven't seen some of them in years, but when we meet there is a feeling that we never parted. These people are the best thing that I've gained throughout my hectic life of a traveler.

I've been told many times to write memoirs and share my story along with my friends' stories.. Well, I don't feel like that much of a writer (yet), and I haven't settled down to have peaceful enough mind to write things down..

A couple of months ago I came up with an idea of creating a textbook for ESL students, where each unit would be about one of the amazing people I know.. And it appeared that it takes quite some time to find inspiration for my friends to write about their lives and for me, in my turn, to make a lesson out of the story.

However, I couldn't wait to share this source of energy, knowledge and inspiration with you. So a website it is. Which is, as you see, still under construction.

Many of my students used to have a language block - "I won't speak the language, unless I know it perfectly". They were afraid to make mistakes and to look stupid. I always try to show them a good example of fighting fears, leaving the comfort zone, starting from the scratch.. Well, this website is another way of showing them how easy and pleasant to start something new is. I might be nervous and scared as well, but I'm definitely not going to let it affect me. Enjoy my "under-cooked" but totally "homemade" website and project! It will improve and grow along the way,just as you and I will. Cheers

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