Euro-trip. Day 33.

Today was one of those rare mornings when I woke up completely relaxed. I opened my eyes and saw a little girl's room - not a bus, not a dorm...I didn't have to rush anywhere..catch a train or any other transport.. didn't have to plan anything.. I just woke up and saw girly Lego houses, dolls, ponies, colorful lampignons..As if I was in one of Astrid Lingren's fairy tales.

I'm at my friends' place in Copenhagen. I met Sara, Nick and Flo when I was running a guesthouse in India and had the pleasure to host them. A very chillaxed, peaceful and artistic family!

Right now Sara and I are enjoying the sunny afternoon by sitting in their living room and working on our computers.. This is the perfect reflection of the way I like traveling and the kind of people's relationships I really cherish. When I go somewhere I never run around trying to see all the tourist attractions, meet as many people as possible, visit all the popular bars and restaurants.. It happens, if it happens, I prefer feeling the atmosphere of the city, the spirit of the country by just being a part of my friends' everyday life. And the perfection of mutual affection, connection and comfort is just being close and doing your own thing! Of course, you go see things (yesterday I made Sara walk a lot (people in this city don't walk, they bike. Unlike me, who has a bike phobia (another story i'll tell you later)), explore together, have fun. And you are as comfortable doing that, as just being silent and busy together. There shouldn't be any stress when you host or visit, no need to force entertainment or conversations. It's priceless to have friends like this and I really appreciate people around the globe, who I can feel this comfortable with.

There is a worksheet coming soon about Sara, Nick and Flo, So I will leave all the interesting facts about them for later. (I haven't discussed it with them yet, but I'm sure we'll come up with something fun and interesting together)

And for now, let me tell you about another great person I have a special connection with.

My dear Benedikt. We met in 2012 at a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course in Prague. (in an awesome school you should definitely check out, if you are interested in getting a TEFL certificate

We both had traveled a lot and lived in different countries. It took no time for us to bond. After the course we stayed and worked together in the Czech Republic and Russia.

Two weeks ago we met for the first time after two years of exploring the world separately. We had so much to catch up on, share and discuss. As it turned out, there were quite a few issues and turns of fate that the universe had prepared for me and Benedikt to work on and experience.

The craziest highlight of our time together was the Hungarian Adventure.

Ben and I headed to the country of goulash, fruity alcohol and the Rubik's cube to visit the Ozora trance festival. There had been some signs telling us not to go to the festival, but we kind of ignored them. When we were getting close to the village where the event takes place, the police stopped us. The taxi driver had asked us multiple times if we had any drugs. We were as cool as cucumbers because we had nothing. Neither did the guys who we took the cab with. The police was pretty aggressive and suspicious, which only made us laugh as we had no intention to buy/bring/use anything illegal. However, Ben had brought ashwagandha (an Aurvedic medicine) with him in a plastic vacuum bag. It did look bad, and the language barrier didn't help to explain what it was either. Well, the drug test was the only way to prove our innocence. It played against us though. For some reason the test of ashwagandha showed positive for MDMA!!!

The feeling you get when you watch your friend being driven away in a police car in the country where people barely speak any English, is not a feeling you enjoy and want to recreate later.

Here I was, at the entrance to the festival. Benedikt had no money on his phone and I had very bad connection, I had slightly more money in my pocket than the price of the ticket to Ozora. The friend who invited me to the festival couldn't make it there. 50 thousand people were having fun behind the fence I was sitting at. Me there, Benedikt at the police station, we were both really worried about each other, however we tried to think as positively as possible, also wondering why this was happening to us and where it was supposed to lead us.

Five hours later we finally reunited and felt relieved. We decided to skip the festival and travel around. There were a few other challenges Benedikt and I had to face. But in the end, as always, we both could see the connections this trip made, the benefits of it, and the old problems it enabled us to solve. It is such a beautiful moment when you see a stressful situation as a lesson and when the reasons it happened become so clear.

Benedikt is one of the most cheerful and life-loving people I know. He makes you believe in the positive future. Talking to him always enlightens and inspires you.

I'm happy to be able to share the pleasure of knowing this amazing person with you through the worksheet I created.

I'm sure there are going to be more stories and lessons about Benedikt as every day of his life brings new surprises, adventures and deep realizations. There are also many interesting projects Benedikt is working on and I will tell you about as soon as they are ready.

I hope you are enjoying every moment of your life with all its challenges and lessons!


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