The story of MaFrieSto & The Fire Monkey 2016.

I decided to record a video rather than make you read a long text! You can find pictures, videos, and links related to my story below! Enjoy!

Meet Kate! The lil sunshine who helped me come up with MaFrieSto!

My muse Paul, and the first picture that had appeared on the white board:

A couple of pictures I had drawn back in India:

Some of the first words of the day:

Creating Mafriesto's logo:

The worksheets about my friends:

Mafriesto on the Euro trip:

The worksheet about Berlin I had made after the Euro trip:

Here you can see and download the Alphabet I'd created:

The sketch of the Fire Monkey and its layout at the Christmas market:

The Monkey and I went to Thailand:

I just love how I've learned to tell you about my experiences through my pictures and useful/meaningful words and phrases!! The Fire Monkey's account reflects even more than my private one with photos of the places I've been to!

I made a time map of English in my life, and I guess I owe you the whole story. The Mari's story:)

Feel free to ask me questions and give feedback! And once again - thank you so much for everything!!!

Happy Learning!



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