For aspiring English teachers.

More and more people ask me how to become an ESL teacher.

So here is some info I want to share with all the aspiring teachers out there:

If you are either a native or a proficient English speaker, a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course will be the best thing to start with.

Choose your school wisely. It's essential to find the right place for you to get certified. I wouldn't recommend an online course as it's impossible to acquire certain skills and experiences without being in an actual classroom and because many employers don't accept a purely online qualification.

Do a good research on the school you are choosing - it has to have a good vibe and the best reviews possible. Make sure the school is fully accredited.

Here are a couple of websites to help you do the research:

I did my TEFL course in Prague. I couldn't have possibly chosen a better school!

TLH ( is superb! It's run by passionate, talented, and experienced teachers. Their love for teaching is contagious! The training is incredibly intense so it's very important to have instructors that really inspire and motivate you throughout the course!

Well, if you choose a good school, there is no need for further instructions from me... haha:)

But what if you already have a degree in teaching or feel like you are confident to teach conversation for example, without any previous training?

There are plenty of platforms where you can set up a teacher's account and find students in no time.

​​Here are a few of them:

You can always find students on expats' websites (chats, forums, message boards) if you want to teach privately and locally. Or, maybe, if you are looking for a language exchange. Every relatively big city has an expat community. There are also online tutor bases wherever you go.

Take Prague for example - &

In case you are interested in volunteering, here are some good websites for you:

Some of the websites to look for teaching jobs:

Resources and materials:

"British council" is one of the best ESL websites -

Check out both teaching and learning sections.

A crazy amount of lesson plans and worksheets here —

A collection of great listening exercises (American English) —

Online grammar giants — and

Nice reading practice —

Not only is an awesome online dictionary, it also allows you to create lessons based on your vocab lists and assign homework to your students online.

Some stuff for kids:

And, of course, don't forget about :)

Worksheets, pictures, flashcards, and video lessons I create are here - Gallery and Worksheets.

Here is the post I wrote for English learners providing them with a load of links and tips on how to learn English, but I'm sure English teachers can find something handy there too.

Click here to hear the story about my teaching projects.

A few final suggestions and thoughts:

Start a teaching channel on Youtube, an account on Instagram, and/or a page on Facebook/ Social media always works well to help you find clients and it might also help you make your teaching more creative and consistent.

Please, don't teach unless you absolutely love it! Teachers who are annoyed and unhappy with their jobs discourage students and make them feel that studying is hard and depressing! Don't become a part of that!

I'm very passionate about teaching but I realize that it's not for everybody! It's a combination of hard brainwork and theater! Your students become your friends and a big part of your life! You grow and learn every single day together with them! Teaching kills your ego and change quite a few things in your life! It's exhausting and frustrating, but immensely rewarding, fulfilling, and fun! Yeah, you get paid for having fun and helping people! You can teach classes or individual students, freelance or work for a school, teach online, organize game nights, volunteer - anything! Imagine how many people you are going to meet and how much good you can do!!

Give it a try! If you do start teaching, I am sure you are gonna love it as much as I do! And I'm always a call or a message away ready to tell you a great deal of inspiring stories about my wonderful students and the experiences we've shared!

Happy teaching!

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